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Chipotle Does It Again …


I’ve always been a big fan of Chipotle’s efforts. For a “fast food” chain, they exude a strong commitment to changing the way we look at our food and treat Mama Earth. Above all, they support local family farmers who “naturally raise” animals in a more humane way, feeding them a vegetarian diet, and not pumping them with antibiotics and added hormones. Good for the animals and good for you and me.

Are they a poster for perfection? Well, no. But, show me somebody who is (Angelina Jolie, you don’t get to play this game).

So, while I’ve always cheered on Chipotle, I start fan clubs for their short flicks. Downright awesome. Their first flick, “Back to the Start,” was a claymation piece chronicling a family farmer as he turns his farmland into an industrial factory farm, and then reverses his actions once he sees just how wrong a decision that was. Willie Nelson sings a disturbingly moving rendition of Coldplay’s “The Scientist” in the background, while I cry my eyes out and scour the internet for cute pictures of piggies. The end.

The latest film, “The Scarecrow,” released today, is a little more peculiar, apocalyptic-ish and eerily familiar of Tim Burton’s standard chaos, but just as cool. This time around they tap into the haunting vocals of Fiona Apple (where the hell has she been?!) for a cover of ¬†“Pure Imagination,” originally sung by Mr. Willy Wonka. ¬†Check it out.

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